How to prevent foot odor

Foot odor or bromodosis is caused by bacteria forming on your moist sweaty feet and shoes! The majority of the time this is an easy fix. If you’re wanting to fix this problem you should focus on two simple steps – proper footwear and reduce the moisture in your feet.

1) Wear proper shoes with the right material – Certain materials deter foot odor, shoes with plastic and nylon will make it hard for your feet to get ventilation and this will worsen odor. Footwear that is made of leather, canvas, mesh or other breathable materials will prevent odor. If you can wear open toed shoes in the summer and take your shoes off whenever you’re indoors – your feet will get to breathe a bit more.

2) Don’t wear the same pair of shoes consecutively. – this lets your shoes to dry out a bit more before you put them back on again. You could also try and take your insoles out from your shoes so they can dry quicker. Another trick is place old newspaper inside your shoes and it will absorb the moisture. If you can’t get rid of the smell from your shoes just replace them.

3) Put on clean socks – We always go and buy new shoes and that’s the first thing we all think about when it comes to smelly feet but have you considered just getting a good pair of socks? Socks reduce the bacteria in your feet, they keep the odor away and prevent moisture. They let your feet breathe while giving you that barrier you need. Padded socks are great for wicking away that extra moisture in your feet too. Cotton and woolen socks are much better than nylon and synthetic fibers.

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4) Try medicated insoles –  You can pick up insoles that are made of various materials that provide a deodorizing effect. You can pick up medicated insoles at local pharmacies and department stores. Just remove the insoles of your shoes and pop in your medicated ones.

5) Wash your feet a LOT! – washing your feet every day will keep foot odor away. Use a mild soap and dry your feet thoroughly too.

6) Use some baby powder – Heres some powders that help control the problem! Baby Powder, Corn Starch and baking soda.

7) antibacterial cream – Antibacterial creams can be used to prevent foot odor.

8) Change your diet – Everything comes down to your diet right? seriously though, these can contribute to smelly feet.

  • Drinks with loads of caffeine in them
  • Foods that have sulphur compounds like onions, garlic, and cauliflower are bad!
  • Alcohol.
  • Spices

There’s lots you can change but if you’re really having a problem it might be worth while asking your doctor how they can help.

“Is it bad to spray deodorant on your feet?” – No it’s not, you can put antiperspirant on your feet to curb the sweat and smell! Just let it dry before putting on shoes!

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