What to pair biker boots with?

If there’s one pair of shoes that can instantly turn you into a little rebel, it’s the biker boot! Strong, rock n roll and badass, it’s one hell of a leather shoe. How to wear them? What to wear them with? Good news is, you don’t need your license to play pro biker.

Rock n roll, black, and leather addicts will be happy to see that as ever, the biker ankle boot is still on trend. We’ve known for a while now that it’s not just for big motorcycle riders: the leather studded or buckled boot has become a big classic thanks to brands like Ash or Yves Saint Laurent.

In sleek, quilted, studded, chained or buckled leather, you can find it in every style, from the most discreet to the most rebellious. With its strong shape, thick leather and lugged outsole, the biker boot is perfect for cold or rainy days: it’s comfortable, warm, and practical. It’ll follow you to summer festivals too! Just pair with your floral summer dress and a leather jacket; voil√†! Here are some other style ideas…

The experienced biker

First option with biker boots: the total look! If you’re going to play rebel, may as well: Ok so go more subtle than the big eagle in the back and red bandana, or full leather look… For the daytime, rock your nicest leather perfecto jacket over even the simplest of t-shirts, a pair of buckled boots, and bam, you look like a pro already.


The kind-hearted biker

You want to play badass… But not too much? Play the contrast game! For day or night time, you can count on the perfecto + dress combo, which always works. Black, laced, floral, spotty… A black perfecto and balck boots go with almost any kind of dress.


For that Saint Laurent touch, rock your plumeti tights, some floral prints and round collars: guaranteed contrast! Shoe-wise, therer are some more feminine styles: Some simpler studded or quilted boots will give you a desirable rock chic edge.

The grungy badass

¬†Last option for those biker ankle boots: dare to go full grunge straight out of the 90s. Flannel shirt tied around the waist, boots loaded with chains and studs, fishnet stockings or ripped jeans: it doesn’t get more rebellious than this.
A hat and a blazer for that little hipster touch
Summon your inner Cobain and bet on all the big symbols of the grunge movement; but stay relatively soft if you’re older than 14 – you want to maintain some cred. No need to cumulate piercings, Nirvana t-shirt and XXL boots all at once: little touches such as the flannel shirt or a torn jean will do just fine with a pair of biker boots.
So whether you’re rock, romantic, grunge, sporty, classic… You’ll definitely find the biker boot that sweeps you away – and know that even a simple pair of jeans and a white t-shirt will dress biker boots…

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